Tuesday, July 2, 2013

June favorites and haul

Hello my lovelies! The June favorites and haul post is a little later than usual, but I'm happy to announce that I'm done with my 6th year med school exams. Which means that I technically graduated and my ceremony is on Saturday. This month has been crazy busy and I hardly posted anything in the last weeks. So the favorites I'm showing you are mostly from the beginning of the month. 

June favorites

My absolute favorites are the splatter manicure and the studded flowers manicure. I really can't decide these two because I truly love them both. I also enjoyed some round glequins and some star shaped studs. Finally we have the very subtle shimmer gradient over Barry M Indigo

Of course because I was so busy, I hardly had any time for shopping this month. I only did one major haul from nailsupplies.us and it arrived on the very last day of last month. I got my first Sation polishes and also a few other pretties that I'm very excited about. 

Orly Fancy Fuchsia, Sation Strumming My Nails, Plenty of Frogs and Oh My Oceania, Essie In the Cab-ana and Jessica Surfer Boyz'n Berry 
I ordered two polishes from Avon that I liked a lot and showed you already. You can click on the names to go see the posts if you've missed them. 

Avon Sprightly Mint and Blue Water Lilies
Finally, I went to a beauty expo and got my first Inglot polish, which was yesterday's Monday Blue. Rimmel came out with some new colors and I couldn't resist this murky light green. 

Inglot 992 and Rimmel Round and Round the Garden
That's it. I think I did pretty good this month. If it wasn't for the nailsupplies.us haul I wouldn't have had much to show you. Hope next month will be decent as well. And I hope you will all have a beautiful and sunny July! 


  1. Those were some awesome manicures you created in June! I really love your splatter one. Great haul as well. I've been busy with work that I haven't been shopping a lot as well.

  2. Ce de bunatati frumoase ! Sa le folosesti cu drag ! Pupici

  3. Thank you so much! The splatter one is one of my top favorites as well. It's not fun being busy but at least we save some money.


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