Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Sation Oh My Oceania

Hello my lovelies! This week's untried polish had to be the newest in our collection, and since I recently received an order of 6 polishes from, I could use whichever I wanted because technically they are all my newest untrieds. I've already showed you Essie In The Cab-ana on Monday, so I went for the most interesting of the 3 Sation polishes I picked up. 

Sation Oh My Oceania indoors, artificial light

I was very excited to try my first Sation polishes and I must say that I'm in love. Oh My Oceania is the most unusual shade of turquoise I own. And I must say that I own a few! There is a very tiny iridescent blue shimmer in this polish that makes it so unbelievably pretty. I'm not very happy with the way my pictures came out but I didn't have time to redo them. I'm still happy that I managed to capture some of the blue shimmer. 

Sation Oh My Oceania indoors, artificial light
The formula of this polish was on the thicker side but it was very creamy and opaque. So opaque that I only did one coat for these pictures. The brush is of the wide kind, which I don't particularly like, but I didn't have any issues with it. It dries semi matte so top coat is a must if you want a glossy finish. 

Sation Oh My Oceania indoors, artificial direct light
I've been told that this polish is similar to the famous RBL Aqua Lily and that makes me very happy because there's no chance for me to ever own that polish. I hope you enjoyed this and don't forget to check out the other participants in today's challenge:

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