Sunday, August 4, 2013

July favorites and haul

Hello my lovelies and happy Sunday! I'm back from my trip and even though it was relaxing, I missed blogging and I missed doing my nails. I hope that this month will be a more creative one for me. I've been lacking inspiration for the past months because they have been so stressful, but now I feel a lot better and even though I have to study for the whole summer, I still hope I can find time for nails and I can work on some of the blogging projects that have been on hold for so long. As I've mentioned before, July hasn't been very rich in nail art so the favorites I'm gonna show you are pretty much everything I did in terms of nail art manicures. 

July favorites
The manicures on top are my absolute favorites for this month. It's really hard to choose between the purple paisley and the red roses so I'm just gonna say that I love them both. I also did this very fun fuchsia and blue tape mani and another tape mani with blue studs, a new and exciting thing in my collection. 

I didn't do a lot of shopping in July because I was saving for my Germany trip. So what I'm gonna show you next was almost entirely purchased there. As soon as I landed in Germany I went to the Kiko store, because they were having a huge sale and I didn't wanna miss it. I was slightly disappointed because a lot of the good stuff was already gone. I didn't find any of the Sugar Mats I wanted. So I ended up getting just the ones below. 

Kiko Mirror 624 Sky Blue and 623 Blue, Kiko 341 Cobalt Green
I got a few polishes from p2 because I adore this brand. I would probably buy the whole display if I could. I also got a polish from a new to me brand called Rival de Loop because I always like experimenting with new brands. 

p2 Volume Gloss Funky Babe, Color Victim Up in the Air! and Sand Style Strict, Rival de Loop Ocean Breeze
Finally, I got some Essence stuff that is not available here. I got both stamping plates that are currently out and I would have bought more if they would have been available. I was also curious to try the famous Better Than Gel Nails top coat and the peel off base coat. 

Essence Peel Off Base Coat, Mrs and Mr Glitter, Better Than Gel Nails Top Sealer and stamping plates in 01 Have fun! and 02 Style it up!
That's it for my Germany haul. Keep in mind that I had a limit on my luggage or else I would have bought a lot more polish. I also had a lovely package arrive to me at the beginning of the month. Some Shimmer polishes were sent to me for review and even though I didn't actually buy them myself I included them in this haul. 

Shimmer Polish Nichole, Cristina, Elsa, Erica and Jennifer
This is it for July. I hope your August is filled with joy, sun and happy times! And I hope you'll stop by my little blog every once in a while. Happy August! 


  1. Multumesc mult! Abia astept sa le folosesc!

  2. Lovely haul! Really pretty colors you picked up :)

  3. Where do you get your Essence stamping plates??

  4. I got them from Germany and I found them in Mueller stores. Not sure where else they are available.


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