Friday, January 31, 2014

The Return of the Subtle Stamping

Hello my lovelies! As I was telling you in my last post, I'm constantly on the lookout for manicures that are both fun and also wearable for work. There are not many types of nail art that look professional enough, but subtle stamping is definitely one of them. I used to do a lot of subtle stamping back in the day and loved it. Basically what I'm talking about is the nail art that only you or somebody that is looking closely at your nails can see. There's very little contrast between the base color and the color you stamp with, so it won't attract attention to your nails. At the same time you will enjoy a beautiful design on your nails, especially in the sun.

As a base color I used p2 Wild Miss and I stamped over it with A-england Saint George and the rose image from plate m65. The thing about this type of nail art is that it's very hard to photograph. I managed to show mine with the help of direct light (no sun was available) and a good macro function. You definitely need to see these photos on a larger screen to get the true beauty of the design.

I am totally in love with this kind of nail art. It's very elegant and professional but still gives the satisfaction of having a special design on your nails. I'm sure that I'm gonna do some more subtle stamping soon, I just need to figure out some color combos that work. What do you think?


  1. Da, acesta combinatie este chiar foarte greu de fotografiat dar ai reusit, chiar se vede oja A-england. Sunt sigura ca live arata si mai bine!

  2. Looks great! It really blends together :)

  3. It looks brilliantly sophisticated <3


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