Monday, January 6, 2014

Monday Blues: Essence Glorious Blue Sky

Hello my lovelies! Welcome to the Monday Blues of 2014! Today is the first Monday of the year, which means that it's the first Monday Blues post and my first day at work as a doctor. I'm sure most of you are also going back to work or school today, so I have a lovely shade of blue to brighten your mood. 

Essence Glorious Blue Sky indoors, artificial light
Glorious Blue Sky is a beautiful and bright azure creme. This shade was part of a limited edition set along with a perfume and a glitter polish, so it can't be found in the regular Essence display. I don't think it's an unusual blue, but a great one to have in your collection. Of course it didn't photograph accurately so I had to alter the pictures to make them look close to reality. 

Essence Glorious Blue Sky indoors, artificial light
The formula was lovely, with two coats being enough to make it look nice and shiny. I decided to add a little stamping to this and used two images from plates NC02 (the swirly design) and BM-312 (the clouds). I stamped them alternatively on each nail using Kiko 624 Sky Blue from the Mirror collection. 

I'm absolutely in love with how this manicure came out. I hope you've enjoyed it too and it took those Monday Blues away. You can check out some more blue manicures in the links below. 

Have a great week! 


  1. arata foarte bine oja, iar cu modelul stampilat imi place si mai mult♥
    Muult succes in noua cariera, sper sa fie asa cum iti doresti (si iti doresc cat mai putin stres :-D) :*

  2. What a gorgeous blue creme! Love the stamping on top too. It looks very whimsical :)


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