Saturday, September 26, 2015

Royal Purple Gradient

Hello my lovelies! It's the end of September and it's officially autumn. I don't know how it is where you live but it's starting to feel like autumn over here. Even though it's still warm, it's been raining a lot in the last days. Soon we're gonna need a coat and then a heavier one and then before we'll know it it's gonna snow. So naturally I got inspired by fall colors to create today's manicure. It's an older one, so the pictures are taken with my old camera but I think they turned out ok so here we go.

Even though purple is the main star of the show, there is still a bit of holo in there to spice things up. I used two polishes with royal names so that's where the name of the post comes from. They are both from a-england, one of my favorite brands. The first one is Crown of Thistles, an amethyst scattered holo that I've shown you before on the blog. The one at the tips is Sleeping Palace, a plum scattered holo that I've also used in this reciprocal gradient.

I chose these two colors because I love the contrast between the vivid amethyst and the darker plum. The a-england polishes blend very well and are perfect for gradients because they are opaque so you don't need to use a thousand coats. I also think they make a very elegant combo. Perfect for this season!

What else could I say? I'm in love with all my a-england polishes and I tend to use them a lot, often neglecting the other brands I have in my big collection. But if it's right you can't fight it. I really hope you like these too and wish you all a very nice weekend!

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