Saturday, May 28, 2016

Review: Moyra Stamping Plates Part 2

Hello my lovelies! It's been a long time coming, but I finally have some new Moyra plates to show you. After my initial review of 3 plates, I purchased a total of 7 more plates. They are a bit too many for one post, so I decided to break them into two more posts. Since the plates with numbers from 17 to 24 are the newest to come out, I will start with the three I own from this bunch, namely 19 Maharaja, 20 Orientalist and 24 Primavera. I have used all these plates for a manicure and I also did some swatches on paper using a black stamping polish. Let's go!

Plate 19 Maharaja was kind of an obsession of mine ever since I first saw it. I'm obsessed with these kinds of patterns, so this was a must have for me. Unfortunately, it was sort of a disappointment, and I'm gonna explain that in a second. First let's take a look at the gorgeousness of this plate. Excuse the very crappy picture.

There are 14 full nail images on this plate, the size for these, like with all Moyra full nail images, is about 2x1.7 cm. There are also two large images of 3.6x2 cm, which are suitable for really long and wide nails. There are also 8 small images at the bottom. Everything on this plate is gorgeous, including the small images. The issue is that the lines in the designs are very thin and intricate, and they aren't etched deep enough. Some of the images stamp well, some need a superficial scraping to work and then there are a few that need you to be extremely careful, scraping lightly and working fast, and even so they only work sometimes. Here are the swatches.

I didn't swatch every single image on the plate because I didn't have the patience for that, but I tried to swatch the images that seemed hardest to stamp from each line of the plate. As you can see, some of them didn't work even with my biggest efforts and some worked on the second try. I'm not very happy with how this plate works, because I would use it very often if it stamped better. The manicure I used it for was my elegant pastel one.

I used many images from the plate, especially for my left hand, where I stamped a different one on each nail. With a bit of patience this plate can definitely be manageable. Let's see the next one.

Plate 20 Orientalist is another one I was really excited about. To me it's very unusual because it has designs I have never seen on other plates. Let's take a look!

The Orientalist plate consists of 16 full nail images, although some of these are made out of smaller designs, so these can also be used individually. The bottom part has 20 smaller images. The geisha is technically too large to fit on one nail, but shrinking it could be a solution. There are tons of zodiac signs on this plate, Chinese letters, a bunch of Japanese food related stuff, some origami figurines and a bunch of abstract patterns. So there's something for everyone here and all sorts of manicures can be created using it.

I'm happy to report that this plate stamps perfectly. I didn't have any issues with the images, even the ones containing thin lines (like the origami or the food ones). Everything came out crisp and clear, without me being careful with the stamping. I used this plate to create the Chinese alphabet manicure from last week.

I was totally in love with this manicure and the feeling that it gave me. Truly oriental! I can't wait to come up with more ideas for this plate because stamping with it is a breeze. Now let's see the last one.

Plate 24 Primavera is one of the newest plates in the Moyra family. I know a lot of people have jumped on this one when it first came out, but I wasn't convinced. In the end I went for it and don't regret it one bit. Here's how it looks!

This plate combines everything that comes to mind when you think of spring. There are 14 full nail images and tons of smaller ones of different sizes at the bottom. A lot of them contain flowers, birds and butterflies, but there are also spring holiday related images (Easter eggs, bunnies, four leaf clovers, leprechauns). It's all very versatile and cute.

This plate was also perfection in terms of stamping. Again, I didn't have any issues with the images, even the ones that contain tiny lines. I would definitely use it again because the flowers are gorgeous. And the Easter and St. Patrick's Day images I will use next year. So far I used this plate to create my Easter egg manicure.

In conclusion, I'm very much in love with the Orientalist and the Primavera plates. I'm sure my Maharaja plate isn't how it's supposed to be and maybe it was a dud. I wouldn't be surprised if other plates of the same kind would work just fine. Either way, I still love the designs on it and will use it again. Stay tuned for the review of the remaining Moyra plates I own. Have a great weekend!

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