Saturday, April 30, 2016

Easter Eggs

Hello my lovelies! It's Saturday and it's Easter weekend in my country, so I decided to post some Easter themed nails even though a lot of you have already celebrated this holiday. I don't usually do any nails for this holiday because it's not one I'm particularly fond of, but one of my new Moyra plates had a really cute Easter egg design that inspired me so I decided to do some decals. The plate I'm talking about is 24 Primavera and it's one of the newest they came out with. I promise to do a review as soon as I can but until then take a look at this manicure!

First off, let me tell you that these nails probably took more time than the actual coloring process of this year's Easter eggs. I usually do all my nails, including my Cinderella hand, and I did some extras as a backup so I ended up painting 13 decals. I used acrylic paints to fill in the eggs and used quite a few colors but some of them didn't end up on the nails because I had to cut down the decals to fit my currently small nails. There are more colors on my thumbs though.

The only thing that went wrong with these decals was the fact that they came out quite thick, which means they were a bit hard to apply. I used a coat of clear polish as a base for the stamping and then a coat of Moyra stamping top coat after I colored them in, so it must have been one of the two. I need to see which one it was and replace it next time I do decals. The base polish I use before applying them was China Glaze Let's Chalk About It and I used two coats. Here's a shot that proves I did both my hands.

Hope you enjoyed these nails even if you don't celebrate Easter tomorrow. I probably won't be doing full nail decals on all nails soon because these really took ages. I could try doing just an accent nail or two nails in the future. To those of you celebrating tomorrow I wish a very happy Easter! And to the rest of you a very happy and relaxing weekend!

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