Saturday, April 16, 2016

Purple Circuits

Hello my lovelies! It's Saturday and the weather is just lovely, so I hope to spend some time outdoor. But I couldn't leave the blog without any posts this weekend so here I am. Today's manicure is pretty simple to create but it introduces a few polishes that are new in my collection. I also used a cool stamping plate that I wanted since forever. Let's take a look!

First off, the base of this manicure is a lovely Kiko creme that a good friend of mine brought me from Italy. This is 333 Brilliant Violet and it's a gorgeous vibrant purple shade that I didn't have in my collection. You all know that I absolutely love Kiko polishes so this was such a great gift for me. The formula was perfect, as usual with this brand, and it went on smooth in two coats. It also dried very fast to a shiny finish.

For the stamping I decided to use one of my new Moyra stamping polishes. I picked up two metallic stamping polishes because I realized that I didn't have any good purple stamping polishes. The one I used for this manicure is called Metal Purple and the other one I got was Metal Rose. They both work fantastic for stamping so I was very impressed. Of course it's easy for metallic polishes to work for stamping, so I now want to try their creme stamping polishes to see if they are just as good. I chose an image from Moyra plate 07, which is the Labyrinth plate. It's the second time I use this plate (first time here) and this time I didn't have any issues with transferring the image, which gives me great joy.

I find this circuit image really cool. It also goes great with the metallic stamping polish and the stamping pops over the vibrant purple. All in all, this manicure was a great win. Simple but beautiful. Let me know what you think and make sure you have an amazing weekend! 

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