Monday, July 4, 2016

Monday Blues: Teal Mandala

Hello my lovelies! Welcome to the first Monday Blues of July! I hope your day is as nice and sunny as mine is, and if not, I have some blue nails to cheer you up. The weather was rainy all afternoon yesterday so I was in the mood for something more fall appropriate. It's nice to mix it up every once in a while, even in the summer. So I picked up one of my favorite teal blue polishes that I haven't used in ages. This is the final result.

This gorgeous teal creme is called China Glaze Shower Together. It has just the right amount of blue in it to make it look perfect. The formula is very nice so it goes on in two easy coats and doesn't stain from what I remember. An oldie but goldie!

To stamp on top I picked a mandala image from plate FUN 17 and stamped it using a clear jelly stamper to help with the placement. I still didn't get it perfect on each nail but it's pretty good. I just wish I had wider nail beds because this image would look so much better if I could fit more of it on my nails. The polish I stamped with is China Glaze Passion, the perfect gold foil.

I'm pretty happy with how these look, especially because my nails are finally strong again. To me this is the perfect length for this manicure. Hope you like these too! Make sure you check out the rest of today's Monday Blues in the links below!

Have a great week!

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