Monday, July 25, 2016

Monday Blues: Sunny Days

Hello my lovelies! As you are reading this, I am already off for a much needed vacation. There's gonna be some road tripping, some sight seeing and some beach time as well. What I'm most excited about is getting out of the city and that true holiday feeling. In honor of all that, I created some blue nails using a very cute image and a gorgeous stamping polish. Take a look!

These nails photographed a bit more blue than they were in real life, because the stamping polish is more on the teal side and it looks turquoise here. I'm talking about Mundo de Unas Fiji, an amazing and gorgeous stamping polish. Just a heads up if you are looking to purchase it that it's more green in real life.

The polish I used as a base is China Glaze Kinetic Candy, a gorgeous light blue creme. I remembered how much I love it because despite the light color it's very opaque, so it only needs 2 coats without being chalky at all. I think it goes well with Fiji because it slightly leans towards mint. The cute image is from plate CH37 from the Cheeky Summer Collection. I really love this stamping plate set because it's full of fun designs that go well with a colorful manicure.

I hope these nails brought a bit of vacation feeling to you too. They are really nice to look at and cheer me up instantly! Don't forget that you can check out the rest of this month's Monday Blues in the links below!

Have a great week!

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