Monday, February 6, 2017

Monday Blues: Feather Strokes

Hello my lovelies! It's still Sunday afternoon as I'm writing this post and I feel really proud of myself that I managed to prepare it ahead of time. I usually write it on Monday after I finish work and I return from the gym, so I always feel tired and uninspired when I do it. That's why I often make myself feel excited about the nails even though all I wanna do is fall asleep watching some Netflix. But now I really feel excited to show you these nails because I just finished them a few hours ago. They remind me of spring and make me really happy. So take a look!

I was in the mood for a blue canvas incorporating different shades as a base for my stamping, so I decided to go for a brush stroke or dry brush nail art. This is the easiest thing ever because you don't need any tools, just the brushes from each nail polish bottle. All you have to do is wipe the brush as much as you can so that it only has the tiniest amount of polish on it and then draw strokes on the nail. I started with a base of Barry M Eat my Dust (light periwinkle) and then used Barry M Cotton (white), China Glaze Boho Blues (periwinkle) and p2 200 Crazy Beauty (darker periwinkle) for the brush strokes. I started with the two blue shades and the result didn't look like much but I must say that the white really made the whole thing pop. The end result looked like and impressionist painting with all the strokes. Just lovely!

I added some stamping using Mundo de Unas black and a feather image from plate BPX-L011 from the Born Pretty Store. This plate has tons of beautiful ethnic patterns on it, but since I'm a huge fan of feathers I decided to use them first. Plus I think the pattern goes really well with the base. I had no trouble with the stamping but I managed to lift some of the nail art on my middle nail while doing the cleanup so I had to fix it with a nail art brush. I didn't have time to redo the whole nail so that was the best I could do.

I am absolutely in love with these nails! I wanna wear them for a really long time and I hope they will last well. I'm also very excited to use the other images on this plate because they are amazing. Don't forget to check out the rest of today's Monday Blues in the links below!

Have a great week! 

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