Friday, January 27, 2012

Eyeko Rain polish

Hello lovely readers! I'm sure you are all happy about the weekend starting. Sadly, I will be studying the whole weekend because I have an exam next week. I'm already very tired from all the work I did today, and I'm totally behind on reading other people's blogs. Hope they won't be too mad at me! But let's get to the polish, shall we?

Eyeko Rain, 2 coats, artificial light
This is an older Eyeko polish that I repurchased when I found out they were discontinued. My older bottle (only 8 ml) was almost empty and what was on the bottom was extremely thick. Unfortunately, the formula of this new bottle is also pretty thick. I definitely need to get myself a bottle of thinner. I don't know what's going on lately, but I'm not very lucky with my manicures. 

Rain is a light blue greysh polish with a hidden shimmer. The shimmer doesn't really translate on the nail, especially after you put top coat over it (which it needed to level out better). I love this color and I find it very elegant and so appropriate for fall/winter. It's very dusty, but not boring at all. 

If you want this polish you should really hurry. There still is a seller on ebay that has them. I'm not sure you would need it though. It's pretty expensive for 8 ml and I believe it's very similar to China Glaze Sea Spray (though I don't own that one to do a comparison). 


  1. ooh how retro looking! This reminds me of 50s appliances :D

  2. This is a really pretty color!! I hope you're able to catch up on your work. All the best on your exam.

  3. I'm sorry you've been so busy, me too, I have barely posted anything. I agree with Exah, it does look very retro, and I have something, not too disimilar with a really subtle hidden shimmer. I hope school not keeping you too tired though. x


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