Monday, January 9, 2012

Golden Rose 202

Hi guys! It's Monday again and that makes me really sad. I've survived the first day of classes but now I have to start studying again. Before that I just wanted to quickly show you this polish by Golden Rose. It's not a shade I would normally buy, but I was surprised by how much I liked this polish and I was actually able to use it in some nice nail art (stay tuned cause I will show you in my next post). 

Golden Rose 202, indoors, artificial light
This is a very nice raspberry creme that came out a little more pink in the photos. Actually I don't know if I should call this pink or purple, I guess it's somewhere in between. I have compared it to my Barry M Bright Purple and it looks like a darker version of the GR. 

My experience with Golden Rose polishes has been mixed. This has a surprisingly good formula. It really glided on the nail, was opaque in 2 easy coats and required almost no cleanup. I could use a cliche and say that it practically applied itself. It also dried very fast to an awesome glossy finish. The pictures show two coats with top coat, but I assure you it was just as shiny without it. 

I only wore this for around two days so I can't comment on durability. All I can say is that it had almost no tip wear when I removed it. I was pleasantly surprised by this polish and actually liked how it looked on my nails.  I'm looking forward to trying other Golden Rose polishes and I hope their new line of magnetics will soon reach our stores! 


  1. Love your blog!! Your manicures always look super clean :)I nominated you to an award, hope you don't mind -->

  2. I wouldn't usually wear this shade too, but it's so pretty and intriguing :D Great pictures btw

  3. Such a pretty color!!! It looks lovely on you Mihaela ;0).

  4. @Eris Tunney How could I mind? It's so nice of you! Thank you very much and for the compliments on my blog and nails too! I will do the tag soon and link back to you!

    @Elsa P. Thank you! I don't have the photographing skills you have, but I try to do my best :)

    @Marisa Thanks! I knew you would love this one hehe


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