Saturday, July 28, 2012

Ruffle manicure

Hello loves! How is your Saturday going so far? I'm watching the Olympics but since there's only football on TV right now, I decided to write this post for you. This is the final post I'm doing using the Rimmel polishes. It has been kind of a Rimmel week here and I sure don't want to bore you. I think most of you have already seen the ruffle mani around. The inventor of this technique is the lovely Sarah from Chalkboard Nails, and you can see her tutorial here

The funny thing is that I don't like ruffles. Honestly, I would never wear clothes with ruffles but it's totally different with nails. I love how colorful this type of mani is. Of course you can choose colors in the same color family to keep it more conservative. But for me, the crazier the better. 

I used almost all the Rimmel 60 Seconds colors I have. I won't list them all because they are so many, but you can see them swatched here and here. I used Grey Matter as a base and then did the dots with 6 other polishes. The thumbnail is larger so I used 7 colors on it. 

The only color I skipped was the yellow, just because it's not that pigmented and it wouldn't have fit on my nails. My nails aren't that long right now and this still took quite a while to make. If you are planning on doing this you should have at least one hour and a lot of patience to spare. 

I loved this mani so much that I didn't want to take it off. The Rimmel polish solved the problem by chipping at the tips. I can't wait to try this with different shades of blue. Credit goes entirely to Sarah for coming up with this amazing mani. 


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