Sunday, July 8, 2012

Color Club Worth The Risque and some stamping

Hello my lovelies! Hope your weekend was great and you are enjoying this Sunday. I have some holo goodness for you today. It seemed to fit perfectly with the sunny weather we are having lately so I had to put it on. 

Color Club Worth The Risque in the sun
Worth The Risque is an amazing silver holo. It's more of a scattered holo but the effect is truly magnificent in the sun. And the color is so elegant and pretty! It comes from the Femme Fatale collection for Spring 2009, but it's still available at online etailers. This collection also has the amazing Revvvolution, which is on my wishlist as well

Application is a dream with this one. It was opaque in two coats (the first one was thin, the second one a little thicker) and there are no issues with dragging or anything like that. It dries to a shiny finish and my pictures are all without any top coat. I think the top coat might make the holo effect fade a little. 

Since today is Sunday I decided to participate in this weeks Adventures In Stamping challenge. I haven't stamped in a while so I'm a little rusty. The theme was "Something I love" and since I love holos it was perfect. The result was a bit of a fail for me but I'm gonna post it anyway and let you judge by yourself. 

I decided to use the other Color Club polish I have, Gossip Column, for the stamping. I think it was because of the consistency of this polish that the designs were smudged on some fingers. I should have redone the pinky but I was too lazy to do so. The plate I used is the m63 fauxnad. The combo of teal and silver is kinda weird in my opinion, but it started to grow on me as I was wearing this mani. I can't wait to read your opinions about this mani! What do you think about the color combo? 


  1. this is beautiful....the colors look awesome together!

  2. Thank you! I was worried at first but now I know it looks good!

  3. Weird? Oh no, no, no. It's breathtaking.


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