Saturday, July 21, 2012

Flormar 49

Hello loves! I bet most of you are excited because the weekend is here. For me it's just a regular day because I'm on vacation anyway. But to celebrate I have a crazy weekend or vacation color for you. I hope you've brought your sunglasses because this polish is bright bright bright!

Flormar Supershine 49 indoors, artificial light
I think this could be unofficially called a neon because it freaked my camera out, especially in the sun. The color is very hard to describe. It's a lime green that has sort of a warmer tone to it, like pistachio ice cream, only darker and brighter.

The sun pictures made it almost look yellow but I assure you it is not. I will include the picture to show you how it pops, but don't get fooled by the color. 

Flormar Supershine 49 in the sun (not color accurate)
The  formula on this one wasn't too bad. This was just before I started to write in my notebook about every polish I swatch, so I'll have to use my memory. It depends on the thickness of your coats but I decided to do 3 thin ones, just to avoid bubbling and chalkiness. The coverage is pretty good and you don't need a white base underneath, like with some neons. It also dries to a shine, but I did put Seche Vite over it to make it dry faster so pictures are with top coat. 

Flormar Supershine 49 in direct artificial light
I really love this polish. It makes my skin look tan even if it's so pale. But mostly I love how much it pops. It makes me think of vacation and the beach. It's definitely gonna be my next pedi color, and I doubt that it will ever leave my toes this summer. 


  1. This looks quite neon to me and I must say I love neons! I need a color like this and I already thought about getting that China Glaze neon, but I'm a bit afraid of the formula

  2. The China Glaze green neon has a decent formula. I will do a post about it this week!


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