Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday Blues: Barry M Cyan Blue

Hello loves! I'm sure you're not too happy about the fact that today is Monday, but I'm here again to cheer you up with some blue polish. As I've told you a few posts ago, I tragically broke a nail last week and had to reduce them all to nubs. The pointer of my right hand (my swatching hand as I'm a lefty) had a break deep into the nail bed, so it's extra short. I also had a lot of housework to do last week so my hands are a mess in these pictures. I decided however that I won't stop blogging and enjoy what I do even with very short nails. Hope you won't mind too much! 

Barry M Cyan Blue indoors, artificial light, no top coat
Barry M is a brand I enjoy a lot, although I don't have many of their polishes. They are great quality and great value for money, and the color range is also very nice. Cyan Blue was on my wishlist for a very long time and when it showed up on Asos (with free shipping), I had to place an order. Now the word cyan was new to me so I did a little research. Wikipedia claims that cyan is a mix between an equal amount of blue and green, in other words, turquoise. But this polish is not that color. It is similar to what they call process cyan or hex #00B7EB, which according to this site has 92% blue and only 71% green. This seems about right because the color is a tad more green in reality compared to my pictures. Ok, enough with the science! For all the polish lovers I can say that the closest thing I have is China Glaze Flyin' High, but that one is more dusty and muted while the Barry M is very bright.

Barry M Cyan Blue indoors, artificial light, no top coat
The formula of these polishes is great and I would have had no trouble applying it, had I been used to the tininess of my nails. Let me tell you it's such a challenge to go from almost double the size to this. Nonetheless, it leveled out nicely and dried fast to a shiny finish, which you can see in the first two photos, that are without top coat. The polish is pretty opaque, but I applied two thinner coats for this look. 

Barry M Cyan Blue in the sun, with top coat
I managed to snap some pictures in the sun the next day and the way the top coat reflects the light makes it look like there's some kind of tiny shimmer in there. But I assure you there is not. What I like about this is that even without having any shimmer or glitter in it it's such a unique color. I really haven't seen such a vivid and creamy medium blue in any brand. And that's why I love Barry M.

Barry M Cyan Blue in direct artificial light, with top coat
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Have a great week!


  1. that's a really beautiful blue! love it! putting this shade in my must have list! :D

  2. This is such a gorgeous blue! I think I have it in my stash. I need to check it out ;0).

  3. You have to! Can't wait to see it on you!

  4. Thank you! I'm glad I have created a lemming!


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