Sunday, May 12, 2013

Glitter is my style

Hello my lovelies and happy Sunday! I hope you are all enjoying the lovely weather today. I plan to do so because it's my last day of holiday. I'm already dreading tomorrow. But back to happy thoughts, I have some older pictures to show you today. I wore this manicure before Easter and before I shortened my nails, so you will see that my nails look very long in these pictures. This was the point where I couldn't take it anymore and had to take them down. I started with a base of Essence Lilac Is My Style. 

Essence Lilac Is My Style indoors, artificial light

Lilac Is My Style comes from the Snow Jam collection and it's not lilac at all. Seriously, I don't know what they were thinking when they named this polish. It's a medium warm purple with a gorgeous but subtle pink shimmer. It photographed more blue so I had to alter the pictures to make it look like its true self. This stands on the pinker side of the purple spectrum. The shimmer is more or less visible depending on the light. I couldn't resist and inserted a direct light picture to show you the beauty of the said shimmer. Please ignore the weird color of my skin. 

Essence Lilac Is My Style indoors, artificial direct light
The formula of this polish was spectacular. It went on like a dream and it was one of the few times when I wasn't bothered by the wide brush. 2 coats made it completely opaque and it dried shiny, so there is no top coat in the first photos. And to think that I wasn't going to get this one when the collection first came out. The only thing that made me get it was the idea of having the whole collection. I'm so glad now because all the Snow Jam polishes are amazing. I decided that this one would look perfect with some silver glitter and so I did glitter tips. 

Essence Lilac Is My Style and OPI Crown Me Already! indoors, artificial light
I recently realized that I don't have a simple silver glitter polish in my collection. I was lucky enough to find a 2 for 1 sale on OPI and this beauty was one of the two I got. Crown Me Already! is made out of small and large hexagonal silver glitter pieces and the payoff is quite nice. I painted one coat down half of the nail and then another coat on the very tip. You can see that the glitter is almost opaque in some spots so I think this can also be used as a full manicure. I was very surprised that it became completely smooth after just one coat of Seche Vite. 

Glitter tips manicures are some of my favorite ones to do. I wore this one for about 3 days, which is a lot for me. Both these polishes are amazing and I can't wait to use Crown Me Already! again. If you have any suggestion of other ways this glitter can be used in, do let me know in the comments! 


  1. Such a beauty, now I'm kind of sorry i didn't get this one too. :D I love the glittery tips!

  2. Am si eu oja asta ,e foarte frumoasa culoarea dar la mine a patat unghia cu tot cu baza :(
    Foarte draguta combinatia :) :*

  3. Gorgeous nails, as usual. the purple and the silver look beautiful together. Btw, I have two dupes of that China Glaze glitter nail polish - one from P2 and one from Golden Rose Jolly Jewels. Let me tell you, hon, if you put those three side by side you'll think it's the same glitter in different bottles.

  4. Thank you! And it's not too late to get one!

  5. Multumesc! Poate depinde si de baza. Eu n-am avut probleme cu ea.

  6. Thank you! I know there are several dupes but this one was the first I found and it was on sale. And the glitter in the OPI is very dense, which is probably not the case with other brands.


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