Thursday, May 2, 2013

Little Chicks

Hello loves! Another beautiful spring day today and I have a manicure from the Easter challenge to show you. For today's theme we had to paint chicks on our nails. I'm talking about the yellow and fuzzy kind. Again I had a little trouble figuring out what I was going to do. Here's what I came up with in the end. 

I saw these googly eyes in a craft store a few weeks ago and thought they would be perfect for this manicure. Unfortunately it was impossible for me to secure them properly on the nail. I really need to invest in some nail glue. I tried to secure them with top coat like I do with studs and rhinestones, but they are too big and get caught on stuff, which makes them come off at some point. 

For the non-chick nails I used Essence A Lovely Secret as a base and then stamped the image from plate CH15 using S-he Stylezone 247. This image looks quite nice on the plate but it looks kinda random on the nail. Those are hearts, in case you can't figure it out from the picture. For the chick nails I used Rimmel Sunny Days as a base, with Rimmel Tangerine Queen for the beak and the same purples from the other nails for the bows. 

I also had massive shrinkage at the tips with this manicure. Oh well, I hope you've still enjoyed it. Make sure you check out what the other girls have prepared for today's theme: 


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