Saturday, September 8, 2012

Essence A Lovely Secret

Hello loves! Hope you are having a great weekend! After two makeup posts I finally come back to what I do best: nails. It was interesting to write makeup reviews, but it was so much harder. I couldn't wait to talk about polish again. Today's post is another of the Essence Colour & Go polishes. This is the base for tomorrow's Girly Girl nail art, but I wanted to do a separate post about it because it's so beautiful and I usually like to talk more in depth about certain polishes.

Essence Colour & Go 86 A Lovely Secret indoors, artificial light
I first saw this beauty on Marisa's blog and I immediately had to have it. Luckily, we had just gotten the Essence display in my town and I found it there. I believe this color will be discontinued along with all the other old Colour & Go polishes, because they are revamping the line. So if you find it, get it while you can! I might even go back for a backup because I love it. 

Essence Colour & Go 86 A Lovely Secret indoors, artificial light
A Lovely Secret is not your regular lilac polish. The color is very pretty, like a lighter lavender. It's a bit more purple than my pictures show. I think the most accurate ones are the sun pictures below. There are two types of shimmer in this polish. First, there's a darker purple shimmer, which you can see in my pictures. Then there's also a lighter purple iridescent shimmer that I couldn't really capture with my camera. There's a hint of it showing in the sun pictures if you look closely. 

Essence Colour & Go 86 A Lovely Secret in the sun
I really loved the formula on this one. I used no base coat under it and it still applied like butter. I don't normally do that but it was late and the color was light, so I was sure there was no danger of staining. I was a little worried after the first coat because it was very sheer. The second coat covered well though, and the third one took care of the remaining bald spots. Even with 3 coats, it dried very fast. I only applied top coat to make it last longer. 

Essence Colour & Go 86 A Lovely Secret indoors, artificial direct light
I must say that I'm in love with this polish. Everything about it is flawless. I really don't understand why Essence doesn't make this one in the new bottles as well. I've seen a lot of beautiful colors in the new Colour & Go line, but that's no reason to stop making the older ones. 

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