Sunday, September 23, 2012

Girly Girl Nail Art Challenge Day 4: Inspired by the Runway

Hello my lovelies! Today I'm continuing with the Girly Girl challenge and the theme is "Inspired by the Runway". I have to say that I'm not very interested in fashion and I'm not into fashion trends. I usually wear what I like and how I like. But I do follow nail trends and something that has been really big on the runway lately are the half moon nails. So I decided to do some half moons with a twist for today's theme. 

These might seem like regular half moon nails at first, but the moons are actually duochrome! I used Essence Where Is The Party? from the Colour & Go line, which has a very strong duochrome effect. Let's take a look at this polish by itself. 

Essence Colour & Go 43 Where Is The Party? indoors, artificial light, no top coat
Where Is The Party? is one of those awesome duochromes that doesn't really need a lot of moving around to get the color to change. The different colors just show up naturally. You can see there's a purple color and a dark silver in the first picture. There's also a green color in there somewhere and I managed to capture it in the following picture.

Essence Colour & Go 43 Where Is The Party? indoors, artificial direct light, with top coat
Pretty spectacular, right? The formula is not too bad either. I did 2 coats for these photos and it turned out pretty opaque. It photographs more streaky than it is in real life. You can see in the first photo that the streaks are more evident without top coat, but the top coat partially take care of that. I had a few bubbles on my nails though after applying it, and I'm not sure where they came from. The durability of this polish is not that good. This manicure started chipping on the second day of wear. I'm pretty sure it's the Essence's fault since it was the base. 

Essence Colour & Go 43 Where Is The Party? indoors, artificial light, with top coat
I used some round stickers as guides to mask the moons and painted China Glaze Grape Pop on the rest of the nail. It was the first time I used these kind of stickers and I definitely need practice with them. The one on my middle finger was placed a bit too low, but I guess it's not that bad since that nail is also bigger than the other ones. 

I really enjoyed this manicure and I can't wait to try it again with different color combos. Here are the links to the other blogs participating in this challenge: 


  1. This is gorgeous!! Love the purple on purple design =) I have never done a half moon mani before, I really need to because I always love them on other people!

  2. you really have beautiful nails!

  3. Super pretty - the colours are great together and the difference in finishes makes a great contrast!

  4. Thank you Jacqui! I was having trouble locating these round stickers here, but now that I found them I'm sure I'm gonna do a lot of half moon manis.

  5. Thank you so much! They are so long now but I will soon have to shorten them.

  6. Thank you! I love the little surprise that is the duochrome finish of the half moons.

  7. WOW that looks so awesome! I love how shiny it looks and your half moons are PERFECT! I have yet to try this but now I really want to. LOVE it!

  8. Thank you! It's kinda hard to do these right so I had to do minor cleanup to fix the mistakes. But I guess it's because my nails are so curved and the stickers don't stay in place.

  9. Wish I had nails this long :'( then I could re-create your lovely designs :(


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