Friday, September 7, 2012

MUA haul and review part 2

Hello my lovelies! Today I have for you the second round of products from my MUA haul. If you missed yesterday's post, check it out here. It's where I tell you a bit about the MUA brand and about the eye shadows I got. 

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Today I will show you the rest of the products I got, namely the eyeliners, mascara, blush and lipstick. I will state again that reviewing makeup is not my thing. I had some trouble with a few of these photos, but I hope they didn't come out that bad.

Blusher - Shade 1

The blush or blusher, how they call it in the UK, is in Shade 1, a warm pink color. I really like this one because it's creamy and has a very good pigmentation. I would say it's better for fair skin like mine. I'm not sure how it would look on darker skin. You can see the swatch of this along with the eyeliner swatches below. 

eyeliners in Turquoise and Royal blue, eXtreme Volume mascara
I got 2 of the Intense Colour pencil eyeliners. I chose these fun colors because I just love neutral looks with a pop of bright eyeliner. These are very pigmented and soft, so they are really easy to use. You don't need a lot of "painting" to get a good payoff. They also have a sharpener in the cap, which is very practical. The down side is that they don't last very long and they smudge easily. So I wouldn't use them in the waterline if your eyes are very watery. They are great to use on the upper lash line though and that's where I like my pop of color to be anyway. 

You can see the beauty of these colors in the swatch above. This is just one swipe of the pencil over my bare hand. If you are a fan of crazy colored eyeliners you can't go wrong with these. They come in 8 different colors and are great value for money. 

The eXtreme Volume mascara is the product that I like the least. It promises "a spectacular false-lash effect" but it doesn't do that. Let's take a look. 

eXtreme Volume mascara in eXtreme Black swatch
First of all, I have pretty thick and long lashes. Since I'm a brunette, my lashes are dark too. So what I expect most from a mascara is to define my lashes and to make them extra black and extra thick. I usually don't go for a "natural" look because that just looks like I have no mascara on. You can see in the picture what one coat of this mascara does to my lashes. It does define them a bit but that's it. In the third photo, you can see 3 heavily applied coats. I admit they do look a little better but still, this doesn't look like false lashes at all. And it also takes a lot of effort and time to apply this many coats of mascara. The ultimate proof is that yesterday, after I took these pictures, I went downstairs to eat lunch with mascara on just one eye and nobody noticed. That is not what I look for in a mascara and it certainly is not what this one promised to do. It might work out for people with thinner lashes, but it just doesn't work for me. 

lipstick in Shade 2
Finally, the lipstick. This would not photograph properly at all. It's sort of a lighter berry color. You will see in the swatch that it's much lighter in reality. I don't wear lipstick very often and when I do, I like to wear darker shades so you really can notice I'm wearing something. I think the look of a lipstick really depends on the pigmentation of your lips. This one doesn't cover that well so if you have pigmented lips you will need several coats to make it really stand out. That means you can also wear it more sheer for a less intense look. The texture is pretty creamy and although I'm not crazy about the smell, I think that for 1₤ this is much better than the ELF lipstick. 

lipstick in Shade 2 swatch
The photo above shows one swipe of the lipstick. So you can definitely intensify the color if you put on multiple layers. It also has a little pot on the bottom with something that is supposed to be worn with the lipstick. I'm not sure if it's gloss or something, but it's very sheer and I have no idea what I'm supposed to do with it. 

That's it. I hope you enjoyed my little makeup review and found some useful information in it. Thank you for reading! 

P.S. MUA's current offer is a free 24 Shade Immaculate Collection Palette for every 8₤ purchase. They always have some kind of promo going on, so like their facebook page to stay in touch!


  1. That mascara does look a bit crappy, I was going to buy it but they brought out the every lash which seems to be a lot better!

  2. Hi, the little pot is a gloss to compliment the lipstick shade. Some other brands do it, like Avon. You apply the lipstick, then dab a little of the shimmer in the centre on your bottom lip to create a shimmer.

  3. Glad to hear that! There weren't many reviews of this one online so I thought I'd give it a try.


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