Tuesday, September 18, 2012

OPI Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow

Hello loves! We've had some sun here today but the weather is definitely on the chillier and cloudier side. So what better way to welcome the fall than a dark and vampy polish. I just love these so much! They look great on me because of my very pale skin and there's something so delicious about them. Of course I wear whatever I want, regardless of season, but in the colder months I tend to gravitate towards dark colors. And this one will be on my nails a lot for sure this season! 

OPI Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow indoors, artificial light
This little baby came home with me yesterday as part of a "buy one get one free" deal. I was very excited because we rarely get these deals here, especially on OPI and it's really hard for me to have access to this brand. Even with the deal, I still ended up paying about the price people in the US pay, instead of the whooping 15$ we usually have to pay for OPI. So, long story short, I picked this one because I love colors like this and because I needed a good dark green. 

OPI Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow indoors, artificial direct light
Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow comes from the 2009 Spain collection and is a dark hunter green polish. I always thought this was a creme, but I was surprised to see a tiny shimmer while I applied it. Because of the dark color, this shimmer gets lost on the nail and is only visible in bright light. You can catch a glimpse of it in the sun pictures below. This color is definitely not for everyone. It does look black in lower light but I love it just the way it is. 

OPI Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow in the sun
The formula on this one is on the thin side. After 2 coats there were still some visible nail line and a few bald spots, so I did 3. I didn't mind that though, because the polish goes on smoothly and dries very fast and shiny. I did add a coat of Seche Vite because I wanted to make it extra glossy and I had a bit of shrinkage at the tips. 

OPI Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow in the sun
My only regret with this polish is that it didn't photograph as good as it looks in real life. It's just so shiny and yummy and I wish you could all see it. It's also a tad lighter in reality and has a lot more dimension. If you are a lover of vampy polishes, I highly recommend this. Stay tuned because tomorrow I will show you the nail art I did using this as a base! 


  1. This is gorgeous, such a classic vampy shade. Love it!!

  2. It looks great on you! I have this one but haven't worn it since I got it. I think I should bring it out to play again.

  3. This colour is beautiful, I always wonder if to get it but not sure if similar to Illamasqua Rampage or not! Hope you are ok, I think I may be getting back into blogging a bit now I have some time.xx

  4. Thank you! You should! Especially with the fall season. You could layer one of those amazing glitters over it.

  5. Yaay! I miss your posts! I can't wait for you to start blogging again!
    I searched for some comparisons online and it seems that the Illamasqua is lighter. Not sure if you need both though.xx


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