Friday, September 14, 2012

Barry M Spring Green

Hello my lovelies! I have a plain review and swatch post for you today. Lately I have so much going on with challenges and stuff that I don't have time for plain swatches anymore. Well, I will have to make time because I love reviewing polish and looking at swatches is one of my favorite things. I also have a new watermark on my pictures and I hope you will like it. It's harder to remove from the picture without messing with the fingers, but I don't think it interferes with the polish. 

Barry M Spring Green indoors, artificial light
This is the only Barry M I picked up for myself on my trip to London. That's because I can get this brand online and have it shipped free from Asos. So I preferred to fill my suitcase with brands that I can't get here at all, but this had to come with me because it was too gorgeous. I wore it  2 weeks ago and didn't get the chance to post these pictures. Shame on me! 

Barry M Spring Green indoors, artificial light
Spring Green is a vivid green crelly. A lot of pictures online show it on the minty side, but it's actually more grassy. It's very very bright, which makes it borderline neon. It's hard to capture the color accurately. The best picture from all the ones I took is the following one.

Barry M Spring Green indoors, artificial direct light
The formula of this one is great, although a bit sheer. I first did 2 coats but there was still some visible nail line present, so I added a 3rd one. I don't mind it because it's a dream to apply, really! It has a very squishy finish as you can see in the pictures and it wouldn't need top coat at all. I just added some to make it dry super fast. 

Barry M Spring Green in the sun
I just love this green! It's definitely a summer color and I think a lot of people would be bothered by how bright it is, but that's what I like most about it. Way to go Barry! You really "nailed" this one!


  1. THAT IS GORGEOUS!! Green is my second favorite of all the colors lol. I need to look into getting some Barry M polishes because OMG I LOVE EVERY ONE YOU POST!!! Every single one!

  2. Wow!!! I love this green!

  3. They are truly great. If you get them from Asos the shipping is free worldwide and they have quite a few colors. The Barry M site has pretty expensive shipping.


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