Saturday, September 22, 2012

Born Pretty nail foils review

Hello everybody! I have a review for you today and it's something I've been putting off for a long time. I decided to finally test these almost one year after I received them because I thought my review could be useful for some of you. What I want to talk about are some foils or nail wraps from Born Pretty, which you can find here. I got this in sort of a giveaway promotion thing they had on twitter last fall. Since they were sent to me for free, I couldn't pick the design and was sent just a plain colored one instead of the patterns. Mine would be number 03 on their picture, I think. 

This picture is so old! I posted the manicure I'm wearing here in November of last year! So you can see that the ones I got are just plain red/orange ones with no design. I still think they are pretty cool because of the finish. They do have the metallic or minx kind of finish. What put me off in the first place was the fact that they are so thick. They are honestly thick and rigid stickers and I was sure that they couldn't apply smoothly on the nails. Here's my result. 

You can see in this picture that my application was far from perfect. First, the shape near the cuticle is sort of weird. It's rounded but it also has a straight line in the middle, which leaves a triangular gap between the foil and my cuticle. Then, because of the thickness, it is very hard to make them adjust to the curves of the nail. You can see I have some wrinkles that were just impossible to get rid of, even with a cuticle pusher and a lot of patience. But the biggest problem is with the edges of the nail. I used scissors to cut the excess off and then began to file them in order to get a smooth edge. But because they are so thick, it is impossible to do that. And I had to stop at one point because I didn't want to file into my own nail. 

These are advertised as fast and easy to apply, but the truth is, it took me about 40 minutes to get them on all my 10 fingers. Even after I finished with application, they were unbearable to wear. The tips were sharp and were getting caught on everything. But I really wanted to test them out so I went out to run errands with them on. Let me tell you, they were not pleasant. You're supposed to wear these for 11 days, but it was hard even for a few hours. Here's how they looked 4 hours later. 

Born Pretty foils after 4 hours of wear
You can see in the picture that they started to wear at the tips and began to show part of the nail. These are supposed to come off with soapy water, but I did take a shower to test them out and they stayed on pretty well. I finally ended up peeling them off after I took the picture above. They left a really gross glue residue on my nails, which I had to remove with acetone. 

All in all, I wouldn't purchase these for myself. The only pros are the nice patterns and the fact that they stay on if you keep your hands in the water. However, for the price of over 5$, they are not even worth purchasing for a night out or special occasion. 


  1. oh no! I am sorry they were difficult and uncooperative. I wish they were awesome because that metallic foil look is awesome!

  2. Yeah I know. I was so bummed. They are actually so cool to look at.

  3. Found your blog while researching these before doing a post about them on my own blog - I'm glad I'm not the only one who had trouble with them! Eurgh, such a pain, I'm sticking to nail art.

  4. I'm glad I'm not alone! I did some googling too when I wrote this review. I've seen a lot of bad reviews but none of them was as bad as reality was for me. Especially with the problem of the tips being all ragged and ugly. I even toned down my rage after I've seen the other more moderate reviews.


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