Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday Blues: Blue Butterflies

Hello my lovelies! It's Monday and when you'll be reading this I will probably be in class. It's been a great 2-week long holiday and I've blogged a lot in this time. It's been fun because I had lots of time for nail art. Unfortunately things will change because I'm graduating in 2 months and I will be extremely busy, which will result in less activity on the blog. I hope you'll forgive me and keep following even though there will be less posts. Of course I will never miss Monday Blues, that's for sure. Today I wanna show you two beautiful blues, in the form of a springy manicure. 

Butterflies! Aren't they beautiful? I love butterfly stamps and this one has so much detail on it that I just couldn't wait to use it when I saw it. Plus it's a full nail stamp, which rarely is the case for butterfly ones. It's from plate BM-307. But let's take a look at the polishes I used. I started with a base of Kiko 340. 

Kiko 340 Light Blue in the sun
The shade 340 (also called Light Blue) is a very bright sky blue creme. It's not one of those pastel light blues, but a very saturated one. It really makes your nails pop. The formula is good, with decent pigmentation and just slightly streaky. I did 2 coats for the swatches above and no top coat, because it dries very shiny. The polish I stamped with is from p2 and comes from the Volume Gloss line. 

p2 110 Ocean Lady indoors, artificial light
Ocean Lady is a truly spectacular polish. First off, it's my favorite color, namely navy blue. Then it has an amazing formula. It's so pigmented that it takes just one coat to make it opaque on the nail. The brush was a bit uneven but I still managed to work with it because the polish goes on like butter. The only issue is that it dries fairly slow, but that can always be fixed with a fast dry top coat. The fact that it's so pigmented immediately made me think of stamping. And it does stamp great. 

I'm currently wearing this manicure and all I can tell you is that it makes me happy. On top of it being blue, it's so bright and the butterflies are so beautiful! It's perfect to take my Monday Blues away.

I hope you enjoyed these blues together and don't forget to check out more Monday Blues below! 

Have a great week! 


  1. misshappyandhernailsMay 13, 2013 at 7:24 PM

    Fluturi! ♥ Ii ador! Culoarea ojei e divina, iar fluturasii completeaza intr-un mod foarte frumos, manichiura.

  2. Very cool combination!

  3. I have the plate BM307. Why I have not used it until now? ;-) It's so pretty!

  4. I have the plate BM307. Why I have not used it until now? ;-) It's so pretty!

  5. Yes it is! You should use it soon. This is my favorite image from the set!

  6. Si eu ii ador! Multumesc mult!

  7. Foarte frumoasa :*


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