Sunday, May 5, 2013

Easter Bunny

Hello my lovelies and happy Sunday! To those of you celebrating Easter today, I want to wish a very happy Easter! I hope you're not too tired of pastels and bunnies because today I want to show you my Easter manicure. First off, I filed down my nails yesterday because they were getting too long to bear. I feel so much better now! So over the next few posts you will see different lengths alternating because I still have a few manicures from last week to show you. After shortening my nails I wanted to make them as bright as possible and I also wanted to play with all the stuff I got in the last days. Here's the result. 

Last year I wore yellow for Easter (post here) and I wanted to do it again this year because I think it's the perfect color for this holiday. The fact that my boyfriend came back from Germany and brought me a bunch of amazing Kiko polishes was also helpful, cause one of the colors I chose was this bright yellow creme. 

Kiko 355 Canary Yellow indoors, artificial light
I'm always looking for good yellows because everybody knows how hard it is to find one with a decent application. Kiko 355, also called Canary Yellow, is a pretty good one. It is still a bit streaky upon application, but the opacity is great, so what you see above are just 2 coats without any top coat. I finally got the 2012 Bundle Monster stamping set as a little Easter present to myself, so I wanted to play with it, of course. This set has a few holiday images, from which I chose the Easter egg with the bunny from plate BM-302 as an accent nail. On the other nails I used an image from plate BM-301. The polish I stamped with is a turquoise creme from Kiko, number 389 Mint Milk. I really like the combo of yellow and turquoise. 

I have to say that this Bundle Monster set has some of the most awesome designs I have ever seen. It's been on my wishlist since forever and I'm so glad I finally decided to order it. The quality of the plates seems great from what I've seen so far. You can expect a lot of stamping manicures in the following weeks because I'm hooked! 


  1. misshappyandhernailsMay 5, 2013 at 9:05 AM

    Un model foarte dragut, potrivit pe unghii mai mici. Imi place cum arata. Paste Fericit iti doresc si eu!

  2. arata superb aceasta combinatie :)

  3. Multumesc! Cred ca si galbenul merge mai bine pe unghii scurte. Mie asa imi plac.


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