Saturday, November 2, 2013

TPA Group Challenge: Inspired by an Animal

Hello my lovelies! The theme for today's TPA group challenge manicure was finally an easy one. What usually happens with easy themes is that you have so many choices that you really don't know what to choose. You want something original, that hasn't been done before. I wasn't that creative this time, but decided to go for the sparkly effect. So I did another butterfly manicure with a very special base. 

I layered several polishes to create this effect. I started with two coats of my favorite blurple polish, China Glaze Fancy Pants. This beauty already has shimmer in it, but it's very subtle, so I needed to add more. Max Factor Fantasy Fire was the perfect duochrome shimmer in a purple jelly base for this task. Finally, I needed some flakies! So Essence City That Never Sleeps came to the rescue and brought some lovely blue/green flakies to the mix. And here's the final result. 

Isn't this gorgeous? To complete the animal look, I stamped the butterfly image from plate Nailz Craze NC01 using Konad Black. It's the second time I use this plate and I'm still not that good at placing it on the nail. The black edge on the right came out pretty thin, but I can assure you that it's there. 

I also added some dots with Fancy Pants and Fantasy Fire at the tips. I'm still wearing these nails as I'm writing this and I can assure you it's hard not to stare at them constantly. I also included a direct light picture to show how sparkly they are. Excuse the terrible glare. 

I for one I'm very happy to have chosen this type of "animal print" for this theme. Hope you've enjoyed it too! If you wanna see some more animal nails, check out these blogs: 

Maria (Konad Addict) -


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