Monday, December 3, 2012

Monday Blues: Essence Midnight Date and City That Never Sleeps

Hello lovelies! It's Monday again and that means blue awesomeness. I won't even begin to tell you how bummed I am that I have to go to class at 8 am today. Instead I will talk about the Essence Colour3 polishes. I was happy that these have finally reached our country because there are a few great ones in this collection. Each of these is made of two little containers, one with an opaque polish and the other one with a topper. Of course the blue one is the best of all and that is because the topper has beautiful flakies in it. I will start by showing you the opaque polish, which is called Midnight Date. 

Essence Midnight Date indoors, artificial light
At first I thought this would be another dupe for OPI Yoga-ta Get This Blue, to which it looked very similar in the bottle. I was very surprised to see that this is actually a lot better. The shimmer in it is unbelievable and the pictures don't do it justice at all. It is honestly spectacular! 

Essence Midnight Date indoors, artificial direct light
Application was also amazing with this polish. The only issue I have is the weirdness of the bottle. You have to hold the brush at all times and you can't let it rest in the bottle, because the brush is attached to the other polish and everything can tip over. I did 2 coats of Midnight Date and they went on smoothly and dried to a beautiful glossy finish. At first I wanted to layer the flakies immediately, but it was so beautiful that I had to wear it by itself for one day. I'm kinda worried that this won't last long, because each end of the Colour3 pen only has 4 ml. I'm already thinking about getting a backup. 

Essence Midnight Date in the sun
On the second day, I layered the flakie top coat, City That Never Sleeps. The base of this is actually purple toned, but that goes unnoticed when you layer it over blue. The flakies are mainly green shifting to blue, and there is also some shimmer in there. The contrast between the green flakies and the blue of Midnight Date is just beautiful. You can see for yourself by looking at the pictures. 

Essence Midnight Date and City That Never Sleeps indoors, artificial light
I found City That Never Sleeps to be a bit on the thick side, and I think some thinner would help it go on smoother. You have to be a bit careful to see if your brush picked up some flakies so that you can get them on the nail. I only did one coat over Midnight Date for these pictures. It dries rather matte, so top coat is a must. Unfortunately there was a bit of shrinkage with Seche Vite and you can see that in my pictures. 

Essence Midnight Date and City That Never Sleeps indoors, artificial direct light
This is hands down the best polish from the Colour3 range, because both ends of the pen are amazing. I can't wait to try some of the other ones and play with different combinations. Here are the other ladies participating in the Monday Blues challenge: 

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Have a great week!


  1. Eram cu mana pe Midnight Date acum cateva zile, nu m-am putut decide sa o iau sau nu, acum TREBUIE sa o am. :)

  2. Class at 8am?!!! Oh no! Well, I'm at work at 8am, so I guess it's just as bad, lol!! This polish is so awesome!!! I love the combo of the blue with the green flecks. So pretty!! Hope your day wasn't too torturous.

  3. Eu o am pe cea roz, nu stiu cum ii zice. Tine mult pe unghii si arata foarte cute. :) As cumpara-o pe asta doar pentru capatul cu sclipici verzului, am o oja asemanatoare de la Flormar, tot un albastru navy superb. :D

  4. Love it alone, but super with the topper!

  5. I like it with the flakies but I think it looks AWESOME by itself!!!

  6. Trebuie! Sper ca ai luat-o de atunci!

  7. Thank you Marisa! Yeah, we have classes every day at 8. But at least we finish early. It's not that bad, but we're doing obstetrics and I don't like it that much.

  8. Si eu am mai multe navy, dar asta chiar e deosebita. Merita cumparata! Urmeaza si cea roz, dar de obicei alea sunt ultimele la mine pe lista.

  9. Am mers si mi-am luat-o. Nu puteam sa o ratez mai ales ca arata asa de bine. :)


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