Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Winter Holiday Challenge: Snowflakes and Snowfall

Hello lovely followers! I hope you are all doing well today. I have kind of a busy week because of school and I'm also recovering from a cold. Today I'm starting a new winter challenge and I'm very excited about it. Truth is, I really wanted to do a winter/holiday themed challenge this year, but I was so busy that I almost gave up. I still don't have any of the other manis ready, so I hope I can manage to keep up. Nevertheless, I'm still very happy to be posting the first nail art today. The Facebook group Crumpet's Nail Tarts is famous for the great challenges they create. I usually look at the pictures the ladies post in there and I'm floored by so much talent. I was sad that I didn't have time to do the Halloween one, so this challenge was mandatory. Here are the themes. 

These are all so fun! I really hope I can do them all! The first theme is so appropriate because today we saw the first snowflakes in my town too. It's supposed to snow more later and there are some places in the country where it's already snowing heavily. Here's my mani to go with the occasion. 

I did some very simple nail art for this one and here's why. I was very close to giving up on this challenge because I didn't have the time and energy to do these nails. But then I decided to stamp over a base I already had on. I did some multiple stamping and it all looked great. But then, as I top coated it, one of the polishes completely melted. This has never happened to me before. I've had nail art smudged by top coat, but this one literally melted and the image became all blurry. The polish I used was one from Kleancolor and the top coat was Seche Vite. After this happened, I was really frustrated and had no will to start from scratch. Then I decided to do something simple and pretty instead. 

I used Revlon Blue Lagoon as a base because I think the little silver flecks look exactly like snow. You can imagine this as a sky full of tiny little snowflakes. I posted about this polish before over here, so I won't go into detail. Then I just stamped the snowflake from fauxnad m59 with a-england Excalibur and that's it. Simple and pretty. I hope you won't mind. 

Thank you for stopping by! Here are the other ladies participating in this challenge. 


  1. So simple and pretty Mihaela!

  2. So sweet and subtle! I would totally wear this... I love it!

  3. Love! - great work!


  4. I'm so jealous you have some snow already!!! nothing but warmth over here...
    This looks so nice and delicate!! And i'm so glad we're doing another challenge together!!! weee!!!!

  5. Thank you Marisa! Didn't have a lot of time, but simple is always good.

  6. Thank you Mandy! I'm all about subtle manicures and I know you love them too.

  7. Yaay! Just hope I can catch up with the other one soon. I keep trying and I fail.

    You shouldn't be jealous at all. The amount of snow we have here is ridiculous. And it's everywhere. You can't park on the street without worrying if you'll ever get out of the huge pile of snow you are in. Not to mention the joy of shoveling. And it's so cold too! Bah!


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