Sunday, December 30, 2012

My top 10 manicures of 2012

Hello lovelies! Two days left of 2012 and it's time for a little roundup. I did this on Instagram and decided to do it on the blog too. For this post I chose my favorite nail art type manicures from this year. There will be a separate post for my favorite polishes of 2012 in the following days. The manis are in chronological order because I really couldn't rank them. You can click on the pictures to see the different posts. Enjoy! 
Sweets for the sweet
Easter manicure
Zebra eats leopard!
Purple saran wrap manicure
Ruffle manicure
Where In The World: Canada
Where In The World Challenge: Spain
Blue Year's Snowflakes
My birthday mani
Santa and Elves


  1. I love Where In The World Challenge: Spain . <3

  2. Where In The World Challenge: Spain and Santa and Elves are so pretty!!

  3. My favs are the Spain, Snowflakes and your b-day mani!!!

  4. It's one of my favorites too because it's so elegant and subtle. Thanks!

  5. Yep, definitely some of my favs too. It's just so hard to choose because I love them all. I also love the pastel one a lot!


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