Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Polish Days: Bling

Hello lovely readers! It's time for another Polish Days event! December is a month of celebrations, so it's the best time to put some sparkle on your nails. This is definitely my favorite month of the year because it starts with my birthday and has Christmas, which is my favorite holiday. So naturally I was very prepared for this month's theme, which is Bling. Since Saturday was my birthday, I have the perfect manicure to show you. I wore these crazy and blingy nails for the whole day and loved them.

Nails Inc Baker Street with Models Own Freak Out! indoors, artificial light
I really wanted to show this sooner on the blog, but I was kind of busy. Those who follow me on Instagram have seen that I finally fulfilled my number one lemming, Nails Inc Baker Street. I put this on the day before my birthday and didn't have time to photograph it properly, so I will do a separate post when I have time to swatch it again. My nails are also very short now because I broke some of them and had to cut them all. So I will definitely photograph Baker Street when my nails look better. Right after I put it on, I got a call from the courier telling me that he has a package for me. And there it was, the whole Models Own Mirror Ball collection. I didn't expect them to come so early, so it was a great surprise! 

Nails Inc Baker Street with Models Own Freak Out! indoors, artificial direct light
 Of course I immediately had to layer the blue one, Freak Out!, over Baker Street. I was literally amazed by this combo. Unfortunately it did not photograph as good as I expected it. I guarantee you that it looks a thousand times better in real life! The crazy glitters made my camera freak out and not focus properly. There are all shapes of blue glitter in this one, from bar glitter to triangular and even random shaped glitter. There is also pink hex glitter. It is so unique and I love it! 

Nails Inc Baker Street with Models Own Freak Out! indoors, artificial direct light
I really enjoyed these nails and I hope you did too. To see more bling, check out the other participants' posts! 


  1. love the glitter.. pass by to see mine :)

  2. Amazing nails, the manicure is so eye catching!

  3. late happy bday! pretty mani!

  4. Happy belated birthday! This is a beautiful combo!

  5. I wasn't really a fan of mirror balls but THIS!! So pretty <3

  6. Aaaah I used a Mirrorball glitter for this months Polish Days too! :D Freak Out is amaaaazing & I love how you've combined it with that stunning blue from Nails Inc!

    Aysh xox

  7. That is definitely some awesome bling! And Happy Birthday!

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  9. bling bling bling!!! looks awesome Mihaela!!!
    Hope you had a wonderful birthday!!!

  10. Thank you! Will check yours out!

  11. Thank you! It was even more so in reality!

  12. You should really check them out! They are so unique. And it all depends on what you layer them over.

  13. Yaay! Great minds think alike! I will check out your post now.

  14. Thank you Gosia! It was a good one this year, even though now I'm old.


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