Friday, December 21, 2012

Winter Holiday Challenge: Reindeer and Sleigh

Hello loves! It's finally Friday and that means I'm finally on vacation! I can't wait to get some rest the following weeks. The only thing I wish for this holiday season is peace and quiet. The last couple of months have been crazy for me. I have some Christmas nail art for you today. The theme we had for this particular challenge was Reindeer and Sleigh. Here's what I came up with. 

I will be completely honest with you and tell you that my inspiration came from this picture I found online. I was randomly googling today's theme when I found it and thought it was perfect because it wasn't that hard to recreate. I don't have any reindeer stamping plates, so I knew I had to do something by hand. Speaking of reindeer, I have a Rudolph tutorial from last year. If you wanna check it out, click here

The base color for this mani is Essie Cocktail Bling from last year's winter collection. Gosia reminded me of this polish and I must thank her for that. It's such an elegant color and it's a perfect canvas for nail art. I stamped the little stars from plate CH4 with Moyra 03. Then I used a tiny brush and China Glaze Liquid Leather to draw the reindeer and sleigh. The red from Santa is Rimmel Stand to Attention

I was lucky enough to catch some sunlight, since it was only noon when I did this mani. That's why you have the rare privilege of seeing some natural light photos. It normally gets dark at 3-4 pm this time of year, and most of the time the sun is absent the whole day, so natural light pictures are almost impossible for me. 

I really hope you enjoyed this and thanks for stopping by! Check out the other manicures for today's theme! 


  1. So nice!!!! Good job!!!

  2. Love it! So cute and intricate!

  3. It took me quite some time to paint this and I'm glad you noticed! Thank you so much!

  4. It looks great!!! Awesome interpretation of the picture =)


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