Monday, August 4, 2014

Monday Blues: Houndstooth Gradient

Hello my lovelies! It's the first Monday of August and I'm away on vacation. I couldn't miss a Monday Blues though so I scheduled this post for you. The manicure I'm showing you today is one that I enjoyed a lot. It seems that lately I'm only showing you manicures that I'm crazy about. But that's what happens when you enjoy blue polish, it's very easy to get excited about your nails. The inspiration for this mani came to me when I was organizing my China Glaze drawer. I arrange my bottles by color so I lined up all my China Glaze blues from lightest to darkest. I looked at the 3 lightest shades and immediately thought of a perfect gradient so I picked up my sponge and went to work.

I must admit that there isn't a huge difference between these 3 colors but you can still notice the gradient, especially in pictures. From lightest to darkest they are: Bahamian Escape, Flyin' High and Sky High-Top. I haven't done a gradient using nail polish in a really long time and forgot how hard it is to clean up. Even if I applied tape around my nails, there still was polish in the space between my cuticle and my nail, which made cleanup long and painful. So I apologize if it doesn't look perfect but I did my best. I think it was worth it in the end because I wore this manicure for 4 days and got a lot of compliments for it.

Of course I couldn't leave the gradient by itself so I decided to do a little stamping on top. I haven't used a houndstooth pattern on my nails for ages so I picked this one from plate BM-322 and used Konad Black for the stamping. Sadly the stamping didn't come out that great on my middle finger but I still managed to get away with it because redoing the whole nail wasn't an option.

This was another manicure perfectly adapted to my style. I feel that whenever I need to keep a manicure for a longer time I just need to use blue because I will never get bored with it. I hope you enjoyed this too!

Have a great week!


  1. Awesome houndstooth stamping! I like the subtle blue gradient underneath it too.

  2. Very nicely done! I do like the subtlety of the gradient!

  3. these don't look like real nails! btw I say that as a massive compliment. the subtle blue gradient looks amazing underneath the houndstooth.


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