Monday, November 10, 2014

Monday Blues: Silver Chevrons

Hello my lovelies! The weekend is over but the sun is shining and the weather is lovely, so how about we blow the Monday Blues away with some nails. The manicure I'm showing you today is a very simple one but it's what I love to wear in my everyday life. As usual I was inspired by my lovely friend Kinga who borrowed this stamping plate from me and used this image. It's great when other people take a look at your plates because they notice stuff that you haven't used and show you how much of your collection you ignored before. She used this image and showed me how amazing it is. So naturally I had to create a manicure with it.

Aren't these nails great? And I'm not just saying that because I created them. The color underneath is absolutely perfection. It comes from Kiko and it's number 294 Indigo, a bright blue creme that I absolutely love. It applies like a dream in two easy coats. I couldn't wait to use this one again because it's been almost a year since I first got it. For someone with a large polish collection like mine, it often happens that I use a polish one time and then forget about it. This one however can't be ignored for too long.

The image I stamped is from plate CH8 and it has a cool chevron pattern. It's a bit tricky to stamp because you have to place the pointy part of the chevrons in the middle, but even if you stamp it a little crooked it won't be that noticeable. My left hand wasn't nearly as perfect as my right one but I still loved the final look. I used China Glaze Awaken from the Romantique collection for the stamping. It's a dark silver foil that stamps perfectly.

This manicure was on my nails for most of last week. I feel that this kind of simple nail art is my trademark (blue base with stamping). It's what I am most comfortable with and would always wear. I hope you like it too and don't forget to check out the other Monday Blues from this month in the links below.

Have a great week!


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