Saturday, November 15, 2014

Watercolor Palettes

Hello my lovelies! It's been a crazy crazy week as usual and on top of everything my laptop is playing tricks on me again. I've scheduled this post because despite it being Saturday I'm at work. My weekend isn't gonna be a great one but I hope yours will be a lot better. I sure hope it won't be too cold and gloomy. Today's manicure is one that I created ages ago and didn't have time to post. I was inspired by an image on a stamping plate from the creative people of MoYou London. I added a little something extra to it and here's the result.

I started with a base of Kiko 518 Light Navy Blue, a dusty medium blue that was a Monday Blue a few months ago. I think it's great as a base because it's not too overpowering but at the same time it's not boring at all. I stamped the watercolor palettes image from plate 21 from the Tourist Collection from MoYou London using Konad White. The stamping didn't come out entirely perfect, especially on the pointer but I guess I'll have to live with it.

I then used a dotting tool and a bunch of different polishes to fill in the spaces in the palettes and the tips of the paintbrushes. The result was a very colorful and fun manicure that I completely enjoyed. Sometimes you just need a lot of color in your life!

I'm a big fan of the MoYou London stamping plates and I'm very happy with how this manicure turned out. I hope it will bring a ray of joy into your weekend. Let me know in the comment section what you think of it!


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