Saturday, November 8, 2014

Yes Love G17-2

Hello my lovelies! It's the weekend and boy am I happy that this week is over. It hasn't been a good one for me and I haven't been in the mood for nails and blogging. But I feel better now, I did my nails last night and I'm headed to the annual local beauty bloggers meeting. I'm so excited! It's gonna be great and I'm gonna tell you all about it in a future blog post. But first I want to quickly show you a polish that I've played with several weeks ago and didn't get to post about. It was a gift from my good friend Kinga. I already showed you a textured polish from this brand and now it's time for some glow in the dark glitter!

Yes Love G17-2 over China Glaze Light As Air indoors, artificial light

Like last time I will start by telling you that I don't know anything about this brand and the internet isn't very helpful. They have numbers, not names, so this one is called G17-2. It consists of multicolored neon glitter in a clear base. The base glows in the dark so it's quite fun to play with this polish after you turn out the lights at night. The glow in the dark affect is pretty strong, but I had a hard time photographing it with my camera. Here's the best shot I got. Imagine that this is a lot stronger in real life.

Yes Love G17-2 over China Glaze Light As Air in the dark
This glitter is made for layering so I had to pick a base color for it. I kept it pretty neutral with China Glaze Light As Air, so that the base color wouldn't steal the spotlight from the glitter. I had a bit of trouble with the application of the glitter because the base is pretty thick and I ended up using two coats to make the glitter more opaque, which resulted in bubbling on some of the nails. It also dried extremely slow. I'll be sure to use a single coat next time and focus more on the glitter placement in order to avoid these issues.

Yes Love G17-2 over China Glaze Light As Air indoors, artificial direct light
Glow in the dark or not, this is such a fun glitter. The effect is something extra that makes this polish a lot more interesting. I'd like to thank Kinga for giving it to me. The formula isn't the greatest but I still love it!


  1. Glitterul e superb nu stiu unde l-a gasit Kinga dar e foarte tentant si impreuna cu oja de baza formeaza o manichiura eleganta de nota 10

  2. What a pretty glitter topper that is! Love the light pastel colored glitter in it. It would be perfect to use for a jelly sandwich too.


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