Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Rimmel Lycra Pro My Denim

I'm back! Happy new year to all! It been actually over a day since I got back from my trip, but time has flown and I haven't been able to post or edit pictures yesterday. I have so much to do these days that I don't really know where to start. I did manage to write a paper yesterday, so at least that's a good thing. But I still have some more to write and a ton of studying to do. Of course I'm behind on reading blogs and watching Youtube videos, so if I don't comment on your posts please bear with me. 

Today I want to show you the polish I wore on my trip. I did put China Glaze Skyscraper over it on new year's eve, but the application was sloppy because I didn't have my usual space, so it wasn't up to my posting standards. I will swatch it again some other time. For now I have this gorgeous Rimmel blue for you. 

Rimmel Lycra Pro 425 My Denim, two coats, artificial light
I got this on sale and I was very happy to find it. It's a medium blue that leans a little purple but not too much. The pictures are not entirely accurate. The color is a bit more purple and dusty in reality, but these kind of shades are so hard to capture on camera. Application was a little tricky because of the huge brush this line of polishes has. As you can see, I cut my nails to nubs because they were starting to break at the edges and I don't like to travel with long nails because they chip in an instant. The polish was opaque in two coats and dried pretty quickly. 

Now as I learned from previous experience, these polishes wear awfully. It was actually very wrong of me to think that this would survive 2 days of packing, carrying bags and so on. The tip wear showed up on the day I applied it and the chips the next day. Again I'm not impressed with Rimmel polishes and I'm starting to think that I shouldn't buy anymore after the last two experiences. All in all, a very nice color, but one that I would only wear if I know I have time to do another mani soon. 


  1. This looks pretty!! I'm able to see a bit of purple in some shots. Hope you had a good trip ;0).

  2. I love seeing the blue polishes on you Mihaela, they look amazing on you. :-)

  3. @Marisa I'm glad you can see it! It was hard to photograph. My trip was pretty good. But really cold and damaging for my hands.

    @Esther Thank you! I love seeing them on me too haha. I have to use blue at least once a week to feel good.xx


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