Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday Blues: Flormar U08

Hello my lovelies! Oh Monday, how I dreaded you! This week is gonna be so long and crazy and of course today is the worst day of the week. I just hope it goes by fast and painless. To brighten your Monday I have a blue beauty as always. This time it's something that I had a lot of trouble photographing and the end result still doesn't show its true beauty. But what can I say. I really did my best. Oh and if you are wondering why my nails were so long in yesterday's post, it's because the pictures were from a few weeks ago. I'm currently sporting shorter ones. 

Flormar U08 indoors, artificial light
Flormar U08 from the Miracle Colors line is a gorgeous glass flecked duochrome. It has a darker base and the flecks can look either blue or purple depending on the lighting. This effect is very visible in real life but my camera doesn't want to see the purple and it makes it always look blue. I tried it with my sister's camera as well and it did the same thing. Apparently the better the camera, the less friendly it is to the purple. Of course my phone camera did a good job but I wasn't going to include low resolution pictures on the blog. I posted one on Instagram and if you like you can see it here.

Flormar U08 indoors, artificial light
So of course I included a ton of pictures in this post, attempting to show you the gorgeousness of this polish. You can see some of the purple in the image above and in the one below. 

Flormar U08 indoors, artificial light
The formula of this polish is not that great, so it does require 3 coats. It's kinda sheer and thin, which together with the stiff brush make for a streaky application. The third coat is needed to even it out. I also noticed a lot of shrinking with Seche Vite, which you can see at the tips of my nails in the pictures. 

Flormar U08 indoors, artificial light
I hope you don't mind that I included one more picture besides the 5 I usually post. This polish is just too beautiful! And it's so perfect for fall because it's dark and it literally glows from within! 

Flormar U08 indoors, artificial direct light
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Have a great week! 


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