Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sat-ART-Day Club: Halloween

Hello lovelies! How are you doing on this fine Saturday? I slept like 11 hours last night, so you can imagine how tired I was. I'm going to see the new James Bond movie tonight and I'm pretty excited. Has anyone seen it yet? Are you planning to go see it? Today's post is all about Halloween and I think it's going to be my only nail art for the holiday this year. It's actually a design I came up with last year but it didn't make it on the blog until now. It's sort of a cute take on Halloween. If you are a fan of creepy designs you can check out this post from last year

So these are my vampire candy corns. Aren't they cute? I tried to film a tutorial for them but it came out unusable. That's why they look a little uneven, because I was trying to do them on camera. Since I can't post the tutorial, I will just tell you how I did them. I started with a base of white polish. The one I used is Moyra 03 and it's a thick, gloopy mess. I really need to get a new white! After it dried I sponged an orange (Essie Orange, It's Obvious!) in the middle and a yellow (NYC Lexington Yellow) on the tips of the nails. Here's a shot of my left (dominant) hand where I didn't draw any vampires and only had the candy corns. 

I used white and black polish to draw the faces of the vampires. For the eyes I used a few different sized dotting tools and the rest was free handed with a small nail art brush. I think this is an easy design that anyone can do and it doesn't have to be perfect to look cute. 

I hope you liked my little vampires. Please check out the other Halloween designs from the Sat-ART-Day Club! 


  1. Love these they are very unique and cute :D

  2. omgoodness I love these lil guys! adorable idea!

  3. These are the best candy corn nails I have seen! These are so cute.

  4. These are the cutest!!! haha, I love love love them!!!!
    How was the movie? You know, I haven't seen one single James Bond movie!!!

  5. Thank you Gosia! I personally liked the movie. My bf not so much. You will like it if you like action movies. The James Bond movies are not for everyone. I mean you either love them or hate them. But you should try and see.


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