Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Rimmel Moon Walking

Hello my lovelies! I know the textured polish trend is sort of old news, but I still love to wear one every once in a while. The one I'm showing you today comes from the Rimmel Space Dust collection and was a gift from my sister. I really like receiving polishes as gifts because it makes me try out stuff that I wouldn't necessarily choose myself. This polish didn't catch my attention in the shop but is such a great discovery. See for yourself!

Rimmel Moon Walking indoors, artificial light

Moon Walking is a medium purple textured polish with lots of silver shimmer. I'm not a fan of the non-shimmery textures so this one is perfect for me because it's very sparkly. I don't have anything similar in my insane collection of textured polishes so this is a definite winner.

Rimmel Moon Walking indoors, artificial light
This is the first Space Dust polish I try and I'm quite impressed with the formula. What I did not like was the wonky wide brush. The Rimmel people insist on having this wide rigid brush that on top of everything is also badly cut. Mine was irregular, which led to a lot of trouble when applying around the cuticle. The opacity was good and it took me 2 coats to reach this result. It dried very fast but I still used some fast drying spray to make sure it wouldn't smudge.

Rimmel Moon Walking indoors, artificial light
The Rimmel textures are of the grittier kind so make sure you can take the roughness of your nails before you buy them. Even tough they don't have a good brush, I still think they are great value for the price. And the colors are gorgeous!


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