Monday, March 24, 2014

Monday Blues: Kiko 424 and 839

Hello my lovelies! It's Monday so a dose of blue is mandatory to make the day bearable. And because I'm really generous it's gonna be a double one today. I've got two blue polishes from Kiko to show you. The first one is unfortunately not available anymore because it was part of a limited edition collection called Celebration. It's still a beauty and deserves to be admired. This polish was a gift from the lovely Chiro so I'd like to thank her for sending it to me.

Kiko 424 indoors, artificial light

424, also called Pearly Siren, from the Celebration collection is a gorgeous bright blue shimmery polish with hints of purple shimmer. The purple is very subtle and was pretty hard to catch on camera but I assure you that it can be seen on the nail. Here's a direct light photo where the purple shimmer is a bit more visible.

Kiko 424 indoors, artificial direct light
This polish is a bit sheer so it needed 3 coats to get completely opaque. Even then it was a bit tricky to get it opaque at the tip of the nail. You can see this on the tip of my index nail. It looks like shrinkage but I can assure you it is not because I didn't use Seche Vite with this one.

Kiko 839 indoors, artificial light
The second polish I want to show you today is 839 from the Quick Dry collection, also known as Teal Blue. It's a very basic dark blue creme. I don't quite get why they call it teal but Kiko polishes often have weird names. The name is not on the bottle anyway, just the number. I bought this color because I love dark blues like this and because I wanted to try at least one of the Quick Dry polishes. This one was a bit more sheer compared to the regular Kiko cremes I own, but I still managed to get it opaque in 2 coats. The drying time is indeed very short and it also dried to a shiny finish.

Kiko 839 indoors, artificial light
I'm a huge fan of Kiko polishes and these two are no exception. I'm glad to have them both because one can never have enough blues in the collection. And speaking of blue, there are more Monday Blues in the links below. Check them out!

Have a great week!


  1. Foarte frumoase ambele! Cred ca totusi tind spre cel deschis pt ca imi plac culorile vii, dar nici cu a 2-a nu mi-ar fi rusine. Cat e de quick dry cel inchis? Mi-ar placea sa ma alatur la monday blues si eu, chiar daca poate mai sar peste cate un monday. Am prea multe albastre frumoase si ar fi pacat de ele sa nu le arat, nu?

  2. Ambele sunt superbe. La prima imi place ca are o stralucire violeta foarte subtila iar la cel de al doilea finishul gen creama/gel, arata fabulos!

  3. wuah... tease a girl with a unavailable polish!!! shame on you!! lol =)


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