Thursday, March 20, 2014

Textured Gradient

Hello my lovelies! I'm not in the mood for talking much today but I wanted to show you this manicure I did last week because it's been a while since I posted some nail art on the blog. I've been seeing a lot of textured gradient manicures around lately and my friend Kinga went on and on about how easy they were to create. She told me that gradient polishes are easier to blend and that's why you get a perfect gradient in no time. I finally decided to give it a go and here's the result.

I decided to go for a neutral theme and picked two of the Kiko Sugar Mat polishes from the special edition set I got before Christmas (review here). The polishes are called 455 Light Taupe and 458 Anthracite. I really liked the mix of the light nude-ish color with the charcoal grey.

I started with a white base and after it dried I painted both colors on a sponge and started dabbing it on the nail. I used several coats until the colors were opaque and I was satisfied with the blending. The hardest part was the cleanup process because it probably took double the time of the actual manicure. Textured polishes might be easy to blend but they are not easy to clean at all. Here's a direct light picture to show you how sparkly these were.

I enjoyed wearing these nails and got a lot of compliments while I had them on. They are also very practical because if you get some tip wear you can easily sponge some polish on the tips and they look as good as new. I would definitely do more of these gradients if they didn't take so long for the cleanup process. What do you think?


  1. They look great! I have to try a texture gradient but the mess is something I don't want to deal with, lol.

  2. Loving this gradient <3 To avoid the mess around your cuticles, you can apply something like Vaseline so the polish won't stick, you just have to swipe it off afterwards, or glue and once dry you just have to peel it off or simply tape :)

  3. Foarte frumoasa si finuta trecerea de la o nuanta la alta! Eu cand fac degrade cu oja texturata pun pe cuticule peel off base si astfel este super easy curatarea.

  4. I love this look! It's subtle but still incredibly gorgeous.

  5. Beautifully blended gradient. Just love it !

  6. This is beautiful! I really love the look of textured gradients.


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