Thursday, July 5, 2012

Hello to summer! Rimmel Limealicious

Hello loves! Hope you are all doing well! I'm doing great today because it's officially the first day of summer vacation for me. I had my last exam yesterday and I'm finally able to relax and do what I please. I've made it my mission to have very bright and obnoxious nails this summer and I think today's manicure will totally achieve that. 

This is Rimmel Limealicious from the 60 Seconds line. I picked it up today along with two others because my favorite drugstore had a sale on these. The color is so unusual and I don't have anything similar in my collection. So naturally, I had to put it on immediately and use some of the fimo slices I got from ebay a while ago. I don't even remember when I did this the last time, namely to post a manicure immediately after doing it. I was so eager to show this to you! 

in the sun
Limealicious is a yellow green creme that goes on opaque in just 2 coats. I had to search what this color is called because it's not a lime green. It's a bit more olive in reality than it comes out in pictures so according to a color chart, yellow green it is. The formula is good and the only problem I encountered while applying it was the stiffness of the (wide and flat) brush. The following picture shows the color a little better. 

This was my first time using fimo slices and let me tell you, it's harder than I imagined! They kept lifting up on the sides so I drowned them in top coat, which ended up creating bubbles around them. I didn't use glue because I don't have any, but I think I should get some and try using it to see if it would turn out better. That's it for today. Hope you are enjoying the great weather and aren't too overwhelmed by the heat!


  1. This green is awesome!! I love the accent nail, super cute!  So happy you get to relax.  You definitely deserve it hon!

  2. Love it! The fimo fruit are so cute :)

  3. I LOVE this mani!!!  I really like the green and those fimo slices are so cute! I always threaten to get simo slices but never follow through lol

  4. Oh I've always liked these fruity decals!!! I gotta get me some!! Glad you're done with school for summer, that must be a good feeling! Can't wait to see your "obnoxious" manis LOL :))

  5. Thank you love! And I hope you get to relax too!

  6. I'm glad you do! They are a little difficult to work with but definitely worth it!


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