Saturday, October 26, 2013

TPA Group Challenge: Inspired by Your Favorite Quote

Hello my lovelies! As usual on a Saturday, it's time for the TPA Group Challenge. The theme for this week was the hardest of all the themes we had so far. I had absolutely no idea how to do a manicure inspired by a quote. I could have cheated and picked a quote from a movie, then do a manicure inspired by said movie but no. I actually chose one of my favorite quotes. Written by an actual philosopher! 

*picture source*

I've known this quote for years and it's even in my favorite quotes section on my Facebook profile. The quote itself is an idea I always try to use in my life. That's why I got into medicine in the first place. So I decided to do a manicure inspired by what I actually do in my life. That's basically medicine and a bit of nail art and nail blogging. I'm not too proud of the result but I'm posting it anyway because I like the idea behind it. 

I didn't have any medicine related stamping plates, so I freehanded everything with acrylic paints. In the end this resulted in a big fail but I think it's not that hard to figure out what I painted. There's a stethoscope going across the two nails in the middle, a syringe on the pinkie and a couple of pills. On the index there's a nail polish bottle and a paintbrush. Oh and the base color was Essie Cocktail Bling. I even took a few shots holding my actual stethoscope. 

Again, I know this isn't my best work, but I hope you've at least enjoyed the quote that inspired me. I'm sure the other girls participating in today's challenge have done a better job. Here they are:

Maria (Konad Addict) -
Roxy (Beautylicious) -


  1. Cute manicure inspired by the quote!

  2. Super draguta ideea. Imi place si citatul, dar mai ales modelul realizat.

  3. Este superb citatul si imi place si modelul facut pe unghiute ;)

  4. Multumesc mult pentru cuvintele frumoase! Pentru mine a fost cam fail manichiura.


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