Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Born Pretty Store Textured Nail Polish Review

Hello my lovelies! I have a bunch of Born Pretty Store products to show you, so be prepared for some nail art related posts in the following days. But first I would like to start with a cute set of textured nail polishes from the brand Tribal. There are a few color options for this set, with brighter or more elegant colors. I didn't have any red textured polishes in my collection, so I chose the set with the number 10, which looks like this. 

Born Pretty Store Tribal textured nail polish set*

As you can see, the polishes come in 6 ml bottles and I think that's a pretty good quantity for the price they have. They have a large brush, larger than the OPI one, so if you have smaller nail beds you might not like it too much. Another thing I've noticed with all of these is that the texture is not very rough. They do dry with a slight roughness, but not like the other textured polishes I own. They also dry slowly, especially some of them. I will talk about each color separately because they are definitely different when it comes to formula. 

I'm gonna start with the pink one because it was the most disappointing of them all. I'm not a big fan of pink, so I wasn't expecting to like this one too much. It was very sheer and with a thick and gloopy formula, to the point where I just gave up after 3 coats. There was still some nail line visible even after 3 thick coats. This was also one of the slowest drying of the bunch. The color is pretty though.

Next we have the mint, which reminded me of Deborah Lippmann's famous Mermaid's Dream. This one had a better pigmentation, but the drying time was the worst of them all. It literally did not dry at all and remained a gloopy paste on my nails. I did 2 coats with very little VNL. Again, the color is very pretty. Too bad about the formula. 

Don't worry, it's getting better now. The other two are the ones that made me choose this set and they didn't disappoint. The blue reminds me of OPI Get Your Number, because of the larger holographic glitter pieces. Even if the formula was on the thicker side, I still managed to get a good application with 2 coats. It also dried faster than the previous ones. I couldn't get the holo effect on camera because there was no sun, but I can assure you that it's there. 

Finally, the highlight of the whole set: the red. This red textured polish is everything I had hoped for. It's a beautiful red with orange sparkles and I think it looks spectacular on any skin tone, even if it's on the warmer side. The application was flawless (2 coats) and the drying time was good. I would probably get a larger bottle of this one if I ever run out. It's a lot better in real life compared to my pictures, but that is valid for almost any textured polish. 

The set also comes with a little pot of nail polish remover wipes. I think it's a nice addition to the set and I wanted to try these out anyway so I couldn't wait. 

From what I understand from the pot, it contains 36 round sheets with a diameter of about 4 cm. They are very thin, but soaked with remover. The remover is oil based, so it doesn't evaporate and leaves your nails and skin moisturized. They work pretty well, but you will need a few to remove the polish from both hands. What I love most about them is the smell. They smell nothing like regular nail polish remover and have a very nice smell instead. Mine are green tea flavored, so the smell isn't very overwhelming  either. I think these are definitely very handy, especially for travelling. 

All in all, I think this set is worth getting if you like the blue and the red. The remover wipes are also a nice addition. You can find the set here (it's number 10). There are also other color options, of course. Don't forget that you can use code MFL91 at checkout for 10% off your order. 

Thanks for stopping by! 

*Disclaimer: Product sent for review consideration. For more info see my official disclosure policy.


  1. I just got some of the Tribal textures too, and I totally agree - some are great while others just don't seem to dry. Still worth it for the good ones though :)

  2. They're all lovely but I really like the blue one. The red looks also beautiful, especially on the nails!

  3. I don't like to give bad reviews, but some of these were just awful. I'm glad that they weren't all like that though. Hate writing negative posts.

  4. The red looks a lot better in reality. It's just so hard to photograph. The blue is amazing too!


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