Thursday, October 24, 2013

Born Pretty Store Wax Pen Review

Hello my lovelies! It's time for me to show you a tool that will completely change the way you do nail art. This very simple utensil comes from the Born Pretty Store and is extremely handy for picking up rhinestones, studs and any kind of glitters you want to put on your nails. It's very easy to use. Let's take a look! 

Born Pretty Store wax pens*

The pens are actually pencils that are unsharpened when you first get them. They are 17.5 cm long and you get two, in case you accidentally loose one of them. They can be sharpened with a normal pencil sharpener, revealing the wax inside. I didn't do a very fine point at first because I was afraid it would break, but I sharpened it even further later and the point stayed perfectly intact. I would recommend a finer and sharper point if you are working with smaller glitters, and a thicker point if you want to pick up some larger studs.

After I sharpened it, I started to play with it and couldn't believe how well it worked. I normally use a toothpick dipped in top coat to pick up my rhinestones. This is so much better because you don't need that extra step of dipping you tool into top coat, and there won't be that little stain of top coat on your stud. The wax pen can be used for any type of glitter, stud or rhinestone, even the larger ones. Here's a demonstration. 

I think this tool is very handy and a great deal, especially for those that like to work a lot with glitter placement. If you are interested in getting some, you can find them here. Make sure you use code MFL91 at checkout to get an extra 10% off. Shipping is always free! 

*Disclaimer: Product sent for review consideration. For more info see my official disclosure policy.

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