Monday, October 7, 2013

Monday Blues / Where In The World Challenge: China

Hello my lovelies! My little travelling challenge has finally made it to China, and the manicure also seemed appropriate for Monday Blues, so I decided to do a combined post today. I've always been in love with Chinese ceramics and I've been meaning to do some China pattern nails for quite some time. I finally managed to find the perfect stamp for this and also the perfect polish to stamp with so here we are. 

These nails are incredibly easy to create and so beautiful to look at! They could also be done by free handing the pattern but I'm not that talented or patient so stamping was my salvation. 

As usual I used by trusty Sation Strumming my Nails as a base for this manicure. The image is from plate BM-306 and I used p2 Ocean Lady to stamp it. I was a bit nervous because some of my Bundle Monster plates don't stamp that well and I really wanted this one to work. Luckily it stamped beautifully! 

I hope you've enjoyed these nails! Make sure you check out the rest of the Chinese manicures: 

And the other Monday Blues of today: 

Have a great week! 


  1. I love this! The pattern is really pretty.

  2. So pretty and delicate! Love it!!!

  3. Stephanie LovestruckLacquerOctober 14, 2013 at 12:45 PM

    love this! it's so pretty! i've wanted to do China pattern nails ever since I saw the freehanded ones the Daily Nail did a long time ago... but I definitely don't have the skill haha... now I know what plate to order :)

  4. Thank you! It's such a gorgeous stamp!

  5. Thank you! I think there are a bunch of plates you can use. This one is definitely my favorite from the ones I have. I don't have the skill to do it freehand either.


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