Monday, October 24, 2016

Monday Blues: Dreamology

Hello my lovelies! How's your Monday so far? I decided to have a long weekend so I took today off to catch up on my rest. I have a fun new stamping plate to show you today, along with the blue manicure that I created using it. There are quite a few Moyra plates in my collection, and I am very fond of them because they have beautiful and original designs for an affordable price. Not all my Moyra plates stamp perfectly (reviews here, here and here), but most of them are good quality and I think they've learned from their mistakes because the last ones I've purchased are top notch. The one I'm showing you today came out this year and I'm happy to report that I had no issues with it. Here's the manicure I created using it.

You might remember the dreamcatcher nails I did last spring. I struggled like crazy back then because the dreamcatcher image didn't stamp, so I had to do it at least 15 times before it came out on just one nail. So when I saw the Dreamology plate I had to get my hands on it because there are two gorgeous dreamcatchers along with many other great designs on this plate.

The plate 27 Dreamology from Moyra consists of 16 full nail images along with about 16 small ones. Like with all Moyra plates, the full nail images are huge, so they fit long nails and wider nail beds perfectly. The designs on this plate are sort of whimsical. They are mostly patterns, a few objects and birds as well. I tried to take a photo of the plate to show all the designs but it was very hard to avoid the light reflecting in it, so it came out blurry on some parts.

I wanted to see how well this plate works so I did a little swatching using an XL clear jelly stamper and Konad Black. I didn't swatch every single image but did a sample from each row. Every image I swatched stamped beautifully. I am so excited about this plate!

I started my manicure with another fall inspired mashup of colors that I applied using a stamper. This time I used China Glaze Secret Peri-wink-le, Inglot 992 and Kiko 287 Dark Carmine Red. I believe I got the Kiko polish during my summer trip last year and only now realized that I've never used it. Anyway, the cool thing about this manicure was the fact that the iridescent shimmer in the Inglot polish was slightly visible in real life, although you can't really see it in the pictures. I used both dreamcatcher images to stamp over the colored base. Not all fingers came out perfectly but that's because I used a top coat before the stamping, so the glossy texture made it hard for the stamping to stick properly to the nail in some places.

I was very happy with how this came out. Unfortunately I broke my nails a few days later, so I'm back to really short nails by now. I really hope you enjoyed this manicure. Don't forget to check out the rest of this month's Monday Blues by clicking the links below!

Have a great week! 

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